Ukrainian education has a long tradition and is considered to be one of the best in the world. First higher educational institutions in Ukraine were established in the 17th century and even then attracted students from all over the world. he first university in Ukraine—Lviv University—was founded in 1784.

Experienced teachers and professors, a great diversity of specialties and European standards of quality make Ukrainian education popular among students worldwide.

In 2005, Ukraine joined the Bologna Process which is a positive step towards integrating Ukrainian education into the European Higher Education Area.

International students have the opportunity to study in more than 240 higher education institutions and gain specializations in different scientific fields in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages. Every year, higher educational institutions welcome students from more than 150 countries.


Six of Ukrainian Universities occupy positions in the rankings of 800 TOP World Universities.

Medical, technical and agricultural specialties in Ukrainian Universities are regarded to be ones of best in the world and are traditionally popular among international students.


Ukraine is located in the geographical center of European continent. It’s the largest country in Europe with the population about 42 mln. people. Ukraine has seas and mountains, some of its cities and sites are in UNESCO World heritage list.

You’ll be able to travel from Ukraine to any country of Europe and Asia, easily. It takes 2-3 hours to reach most of European capitals from Ukraine by plane.

          COST OF LIVING

Cost of living in Ukraine is affordable for the most foreigners, it’s 2-3 times cheaper, than in most of European countries.

The cost of living for one person in a student dormitory usually varies from 60 to 100 USD per month. One bed apartment may be rented for 200-250 USD per month, depending on the city, two bed apartment may be found for 250-300 USD.

Bus/tram ticket costs about 10 USD per month. Taxi – 6-8 USD for average distance in the city.

Usual breakfast in a restaurant costs 3-4 USD, lunch – 3-5 USD, dinner – usually less, than 10 USD.

Mobile connection and Internet – about 3-5 UDS per month.


When applying for a job abroad Ukrainian university graduates need apostille. This is a stamp confirming authentication of seal and signature. Upon obtaining apostille it is easy to check the authenticity of the certificate. If the diploma was issued after 2000, when the plastic documents were introduced, the Ministry of Education have samples of signatures of rectors and seals of all national universities within this period. When presented documents were issued earlier one have to send a request to the archives. Apostille is needed not in all countries, but only those which have joined the Hague Conference. Otherwise at the request of the employer the authenticity of the diploma is verified by queries. In the CIS countries and the countries of the former Eastern bloc Ukrainian diplomas are recognized by agreement.