Education in Spain is a high quality and inexpensive. Knowledge of Spanish opens the opportunity to work in many countries.

For admission to state universities in Spain, you must pass exams in your chosen specialty in Spanish, so it is recommended that you take the annual preparatory courses in Spain.

Tuition fees in Spanish universities vary by region from 800 to 3000 EURO per year.

  As a rule, the duration of studying for a bachelor’s degree in Spanish universities is four years, and for a master’s degree – one year.

Specialization: graphic design, tourism, engineering, humanities.

 Languages of instruction: Spanish, English

Availability of funds to obtain a Spanish student visa – from 6000 Euros.

Cost of education:

  • public universities – from 800 Euro / year,
  • in private universities – from 5000 Euro / year,
  • preparation for admission to a public university – from 3200 Euro (in Spain).

Monthly expenses: 600-800 Euros

 Opportunity to earn during training: 500-800 Euro/month.

 Employment prospects: it is possible to obtain a residence permit after three years of study.