Education in Latvia is relatively affordable compared to other EU countries, but of sufficient quality.

Latvia is famous for public universities with a long history and traditions (for example Riga Technical University has more 150 years), as well as private educational institutions, which are actively developing, introducing new techniques and training programs, which allows graduates of Latvian universities to be competitive in the international labor market.

Most Latvian universities have partnership agreements with British universities and issue double Latvian-British diplomas.

Education in Latvian universities is in different languages, including Latvian, English, Russian and German.

Specialization: tourism, technical sciences.

Funds required for obtaining a student visa in Latvia: from 4000 Euro.

Tuition fee in Latvian universities: from 2000 Euro / year.

Monthly expenses in Latvia: 350-600 Euros.

Opportunity to earn during study: 300-600 Euro / month.

Employment prospects in Latvia: 3 months to look for work.