Italian education is considered high quality at a reasonable price. Entrance age at Universities of Italy from 18 years.

Due to the fact that Italy has a 12-year school program, for applicants from countries with 11 years of school there is a requirement to complete one course of a domestic university, after which it is already applied to an Italian university.

Studying at Italian universities is characterized by the flexibility of study programs and study schedules.

Specialization: fashion industry, architecture, design.

Languages of instruction in Italian universities: Italian, English

Cost of education:

  • in private universities – from 8000 Euro / year.

Monthly expenses: 500-600 Euros

Opportunity to earn during study: you can work 20 hours per week and earn 500-700 Euro/month.

To obtain an Italian student visa, you must have at least 6000 Euro in your bank account.

Employment prospects: upon graduation from an Italian university one year is granted for job search.