Higher education in Hungary has a rich history. The first university in the country was founded in 1367. Today in Hungary there are 28 state universities, 11 private and 26 religious institutes. There are also branches of leading English and American universities that offer grants and discounts to students. The oldest academic reputation, a large selection of programs and directions, affordable prices for life and financial support are increasingly attracting foreign students to study in Hungary.

Low prices for life and grants. The cost of tution, accommodation, food, clothing, utilities and transport in Hungary is much lower than in Western Europe. Universities and the Hungarian government also offer foreign students financial assistance and grants. One such program is Stipendium Hungaricum. It fully covers the cost of tuition, dormitories and medical insurance, and also provides a monthly scholarship.

Internationality and language. 

Hungarian is a rather difficult language to learn, but to study in Hungary you do not need to know it. Universities offer more than 500 programs in full English. There are also courses in German and French, but there are much fewer. Hungary actively attracts students from abroad, for 2019 more than 30 000 foreign students studied in it. And local youth begins to learn English in elementary school, so it’s easy to make friends at universities.

Travels. Hungary is located in the very center of Europe and is part of the European Union. The country is not only becoming the starting point for travel, but also itself is in the top tourist destinations. Here are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national parks, balneological resorts.