Germany is famous for the quality of education and the technical base of its universities. Admission to public universities and the process of obtaining a German visa is quite complex. To enroll in a bachelor’s degree in a German university, a graduate of Non-European school must take preparatory courses in German language and specialized subjects (Studienkolleg).

Specialization: technical specialties, management, finance.

Languages of instruction: German, English

Availability of visa fees: 10500 Euros on a blocked account in a German bank.

Cost of education:

  • in state Studienkolleg – 300-1000 Euro,
  • in private Studienkolleg – from 5000 Euro,
  • in state universities – 500-1000 Euro / year,
  • in private universities – from 8000 Euro / year.

Monthly expenses: 650-900 Euro

Opportunity to earn during training: 500-800 Euro / month.

Employment prospects in Germany: a work permit is issued for 18 months.