Austrian education is considered to be of high quality, and graduates of Austrian universities are first on the list of candidates for work anywhere in the world. It is easier to enter a public university and get an Austrian visa than in Germany. Economic stability contributes to employment in Austria.

Languages of instruction: German, English.

Availability of visa fees: from 10,000 Euros.

Cost of education:

  • public universities – 1500 Euro / year,
  • in private universities – from 8000 Euro / year,

The cost of training courses in German: 1150 EUR / semester. (in Vienna)

Monthly expenses: 650-900 Euro

Opportunity to earn during training: 500-800 Euro / month.

Employment prospects: a work permit is issued for 18 months.


                Cost of services of the International consulting company “NOVAR” for registration in an educational institution in Austria:

  • to state universities – 1500 Euros,
  • to private partner universities – free of charge.