Education in Poland is the most accessible compared to other European countries due to low cost of education and accommodation. Polish diplomas are recognized in the European Union. It is possible to travel freely and work in European countries.

Specialization: universal.

Languages of instruction: Polish, English.

Availability of funds for a visa: 3000 euros in a bank

Cost of tuition:

• in state technical schools, lyceums – free of charge,

• in universities – from 900 Euro / year (free of charge with a Polish card in public universities).

Monthly expenses: 250-500 Euros.

Opportunity to earn during training: 200-400 Euro / month.

Employment prospects: work permit in Poland is not required.

Cost of services of the International consulting company “NOVAR” for registration in educational institutions of Poland:

– technical school/lyceum – 300 Euro.

– universities – 400 bachelor/engineer; 450 Euro – master

– evening schools – 150 Euro.

– vacational courses – 200 Euro.