Education in the UK is a combination of a centuries-old systematized teaching process and a modern technical base. A diploma from a British university is a guarantee of quality and career success in any country.

The quality of the standards of British higher education speaks for itself, because every year British universities occupy leading positions in the world rankings of higher education institutions.

UK higher education institutions are open to students from around the world.

The main advantages of higher education in Britain are the following:

  • Britain is among the countries with the highest quality higher education in the world;
  • more than 100 state universities with a high international reputation;
  • variety of areas of study and specialties: the opportunity to obtain qualifications in almost any field of knowledge;
  • the opportunity to receive a scholarship or grant, which can significantly reduce tuition costs;
  • developed scientific and material base and equipped with advanced technologies;
  • a high level of confidence in the British diploma worldwide;
  • lack of entrance exams (except for some creative specialties);
  • high chance of employment in many countries around the world after graduation;
  • opportunity to learn English perfectly at a professional level;
  • opportunity to work during studies up to 20 hours a week (while studying at one of the universities included in the list of recognized bodies).

As in most European countries, the higher education system in the UK is three-tier:

  • bachelor’s degree (3 years of study in England and Wales; 4 years – in Scotland; admission requires a high school diploma with high grades + at least one year of study at your local university or a diploma of A-level / IB / Foundation Year);
  • master’s degree (1-2 years of study after obtaining a bachelor’s degree);
  • doctoral studies (3-4 years of study after obtaining a master’s degree).

The academic year usually consists of two semesters or three trimesters (depending on the school), starting in September.

Specialization of UK universities: universal

Languages of instruction: English.

Visa requirements: from 20 000 pounds on your bank account.

Cost of tuition:

  • in private universities – from 10000 pounds per year.

Monthly expenses: 800-1000 pounds.

Opportunity to earn during training: 700-800 pounds/ month.

Employment prospects: one year is given for job search.