The formation of France is famous for its ancient history and traditions.

France is the third country in the world in the number of foreign students.

Education in private universities is considered more prestigious than in public, and therefore more expensive. Education in private universities is possible in English.

Most French universities do not have dormitories; there are platforms for finding housing.

Entrance age in French universities and colleges – mostly from 18 years. 

Specialization of French universities: universal

 Languages ​​of study at universities in France: French, English

 Availability of financial means for obtaining a French student visa: from 7500 Euro.

Cost of education:

  • in state universities from 500 to 1000 euros / year,
  • in private universities – from 5000 Euro / year,
  • preparatory courses for admission to state universities – from 4000 Euro.

Monthly expenses in France: 700-900 Euro

 Opportunity to earn during study: 600-800 euros / month.

 Job prospects after graduation from a French university: six months are given for job search.